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Rest Assured Bed Campaign

Our goal is to raise $1 million

With your support we will be able to replace every bed, mattress, patient chair, sleeper chair, over the bed table and bedside table.

Not only would patients be better served with new, cutting edge equipment, their environment would be more appealing.

Donors can purchase an entire suite, individual equipment, or make a general donation.

Who We Are

We are at the forefront of progressive, cutting edge treatment in respiratory, palliative and long term and offer unique programs like:

  • Inpatient and out-patient pulmonary rehabilitation that includes a respiratory rehabilitation tele-medicine program reaching patients in remote regions of Quebec.
  • Compassionate and dignified end of life palliative care including a home care program where we coordinate medical services for patients in their home.
  • A long term care program with a "milieu de vie" environment where patients benefit from 24 hour medical care.
  • A renowned Sleep Clinic where patients are tested and treated for sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.

Fast Facts

Our patient population comes from 13 regions in Quebec.

We have 98 beds

  • 35 Respiratory
  • 15 Palliative
  • 45 Palliative Long Term & Long Term Care
  • 3 Sleep Study beds

On a yearly basis we treat

  • 818 inpatients
  • 11,762 out-patients

Our sleep clinic performs

  • 1000 in hospital sleep studies
  • 1500 home sleep studies

How You Can Help

Patient Suites

Patient Suites

Patient Suites are in need of a long overdue refurbishment.

  • Each suite will be equipped with a new hospital bed & mattress, patient chair and family chair, over the bed table and bedside cabinet.
  • All patient suites will have specialized equipment tailored to the patient's needs.


Our beds are old and antiquated and do not have the requirements needed to treat our unique patient population.

  • New smart beds are designed to maximize infection control and fall prevention while being simple to use. They enhance patient autonomy by enabling easy bed entry and exit and increase caregiver efficiency. Patients feel more comfortable and secure.


Every mattress needs replacing. For many palliative and longterm patients immobility and related complications are likely to develop which can have profound health care implications.

  • These new smart mattresses are antimicrobial, have a low slip design with adjustable features such as safety alarms and pressure reducing surfaces. Specialty beds have non-powered therapeutic support surfaces designed to offer our patients improved comfort.


Over the bed tables and bedside cabinets need replacing. Height adjustments are stuck and some are missing wheels.

  • New furniture will provide increased versatility and optimal compatibility with the other equipment. This adds to the overall well-being & quality of live for our patients.


Not every patient has a proper chair.

  • New patient chairs allow our patients a comfortable and safe option to their beds. Sitting is critical to patient care. It promotes lung expansion, shifts pressure points and strengthens trunk muscles. The chairs are equipped with easy maneuverability/positioning so patients can be comfortable in a variety of settings.

Our family chairs are old and uncomfortable. Many are so damaged that we cannot convert them to sleep positions.

  • Hospital sleeper chairs are an important accommodation for families. They can be used by family members or caregivers who want to be in the hospital overnight to support their loved ones.

Wish List

Patient Suites Quantity Cost per unit
Palliative Care Suites 15 $25,000
Patient Suites 80 $10,000
Bariatric Bed 15 $15,000
Dynamic Air Mattresses 10 $15,000
Smart Bed 80 $5,000
Broda Chair 15 $3,500
Hospital Sleeper Chair 35 $2,000
Patient Chair 95 $700
Overbed Table 95 $650
Regular Mattresses 95 $550
Bedside Table 95 $350
Therapeutic Pillows 95 $100

Donor Recognition

Recognition will be provided as follows:

Rest Assured Donor Wall Pillars Donor Wall Patient Room Plaque Roll Call at Thank You Event
$100,000 + X X X X
$25,000 - $99,999 X X X
$15,000 - $24,999 X X X
$10,000 - $14,999 X X X
$5,000 - $9,999 X X
Gifts under $5,000 X