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The Board

The Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation Board of Directors is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the Foundation and for ensuring that its staff upholds the organization's firm commitment to ethical fundraising and financial accountability to all its stakeholders.

Chairman, Leon Krolik
Chairman, Leon Krolik

Message from the President

Mount Sinai Hospital is a jewel in our health care system. Public attention tends to focus on two opposite poles: primary care offered by family physicians and CLSCs, and ultra-specialized care provided by large university health centers, which today serve more patients than ever during shorter and shorter lengths of stay. But people have other important needs, as well. When patients and their families face longer-term and chronic health conditions, they confidently turn to Mount Sinai first. Our families universally praise Mount Sinai for providing outstanding care and giving them comfort and peace of mind.

Foundation, Board of Directors 2017-2018

Leon Krolik, Chairman


Benoit Avon, Treasurer

Brian Becker, Vice-Chair

Nancy Cleman

Wendy Corn, Foundation CEO

Debbie Dankoff

Maureen Dym, Secretary

Mitch Kendall

Alta Levenson

Eric Maldoff, Past Chairman

Simon Margel

Lloyd Pedvis

Ben Rogowski

Sheryl Rosen

Dr. Nathalie Saad