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Breathing easier…It’s our Gold Standard

The only program in Quebec

Mount Sinai Hospital has the only out-patient pulmonary rehabilitation program in the province. Administered by a remarkable multidisciplinary team and led by the dedicated Dr. Nathalie Saad, this comprehensive eight-week group program is designed to reduce symptoms, increase physical activity and improve the quality of life for patients suffering from chronic respiratory disease.

The program is broken down into three (3) 2 hour sessions per week and is comprised of intensive exercise and education. The approach reviews medications, nutrition and of course, smoking cessation. Patients are referred to us and undergo a thorough screening process so that they can receive optimal personalized care. The program considers the patient as a whole: it addresses the physical, psychological and emotional components of each person. After the program is completed there is an additional eight (8) week maintenance regime and a post-program completion assessment that has extensive follow up. This continuity of care is what makes the program so successful.

This remarkable treatment keeps patients out of the hospitals and out of emergency rooms. It is the most effective non-pharmacological intervention in improving health in patients with COPD (International Journal on COPD, 2014) and adheres to gold standards. The best practices used here are a benchmark for excellence. Without the support of private donations this irreplaceable program would not exist. In the words of Dr. Saad “this unique program exists and serves the community of respiratory patients only because of private funding, without it we would not be able to continue. We are deeply grateful”.